About Me

You might know me as the_smokin_hot_mom on Instagram! I’m just an Indiana mom obsessed with smoking meats and making good eats on my Big Green Egg!

Hey you! I’m Samantha but everyone calls me Sam!

I hope to spread my passion of grilling/smoking onto other women who can proudly create a meal and call it their own. Cooking allows me to be so creative and creativity allows me to be myself. Giving people the ability to recreate easy meals for themselves, is what I hope to inspire in others so they don’t feel intimidated by cooking. The plus side to this, is obviously getting to indulge myself in delicious food all while learning something new!

If you are here, I just hope you can learn something new. Whether you find a new recipe, or even if you are just hungry. I love connecting with others so don’t be afraid to reach out! I’m only a DM away on my Instagram page where you can find all my food-ventures.

I hope you have the best day!